Our Story

The Hotel

The rare location of Mikri Arktos, on the cobbled streets of the historic town of Dimitsana, offers a privileged view of the gorge of Lousios and the plains of South Arcadia. At the same time, the building has its historical significance as it is located right next to the Antonopoulos Museum. At the beginning of the 19th century, the buildings in question belonged to the Antonopoulos family and it was where members of the Society of Friends met for the first time and prepared the ground for the Greek War of Independence of 1821.

Some decades further on, until 1920, it housed the Dimitsana High School and then it passed into the hands of individuals. When our family bought the lot 20 years ago, only the facade of the ground floor had been saved and under the close supervision of the Archaeological Service we reconstructed it according to its original form.

Legend has it...

Callisto was Artemis’s priestess and the daughter of the king of Arcadia.Zeus dazzled by her beauty, has an affair with her. Artemis, enraged by the adulterous relationship, sent her away and so Callisto, alone in the mountains of Arcadia and pregnant by the father of the gods, gives birth to Arcas under a plane tree.And before getting a chance to hold her baby ,Hera attacks her and Zeus turns Kallisto into a bear in order to save her.

Years later,when Arkas grows up, while hunting in the forest, he sees his transformed mother and prepares to kill her. Then Zeus, in order to avoid matricide, transforms him into a teddy bear and thus finally recognizes his mother. And in an attempt to avoid Hera's wrath, he takes them both up into the sky and transforms them into constellations, leaving Arcturus to protect them. Since then, Callisto has been the Great Bear, the largest constellation of the northern hemisphere of the sky, and Arcas the Little Bear.

In all areas of the hotel, stone and wood are the dominant materials and they highlight the uniqueness of the building.

The comfortable and modern interior creates an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility. The spacious lobby has comfortable seating areas as well as an imposing fireplace, in front of which breakfast is served with a variety of pure local products.


Dimitsana is 203 km from Athens, 89 km from Kalamata and 48 km from Tripoli. Follow the national road Athens-Tripoli and a few kilometers after the Artemision tunnel you will turn right at the Vytina-Archaia Olympia exit. You will pass through the villages of Kapsia, Levidi and Vytina and after the village of Karkalou, turn left for Dimitsana.